03 October 2016

Similar zoomorphic flint nodules with 'feline qualities' curated together at Île d'Oléron, France, in a Lower Paleolithic art and tool context

Henri Vanentie finds in a Lower Paleolithic art and tool context, France

"Here are two cats lying on the ground found on the island of Oléron
14/10 / 4.5cm t 14/10 / 2.5cm"

The cats interpreted by Mr. Valentie have slight modifications to disambiguate the pieces enough to create a 'feline likeness' for the Stone Age artist. The figure seen at left here may have two flakes removed to indicate two 'front paws.'

L. Jimmy Groen find, Netherlands
Lower Paleolithic stone figure interpreted by Ken Johnston as a feline outstretched on the ground was featured earlier on this blog and has a strong similarity with the France cat figures Mr. Valentie has identified

"At a site at the plateau in the Belgian Kempen, where some drain channels were made, I find many pebble tool artifacts. Some of the artifacts were found in situ, in a reworked early- Saalian horizon, which means they were made before the Saalian period, most probably before 300.000 BP. This is also, because I found small tools, like micro choppers. Tomorrow I go to France to see the French archaeologist H. Beaudouin, and I will show him tools and debitage waste- to discuss them. In this pebble tool assemblage I found this remarkable object, I believe everybody has the same imagination about it: like a 'phallus symbol"- another form of iconicity?

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