03 October 2014

Red flint human head sculpture in left 3/4 profile from Boukoul, Netherlands

Red flint human head in left 3/4 profile portrait style, finished in retouch work
Jan van Es find, Boukoul, The Netherlands

From OriginsNet.org "The 'Boukoulian' is a microlithic industry discovered by J. Van Es in 1973; it consists of many thousand artifacts collected during 20 years of intensive field survey. The type site is Boukoul, Netherlands; subsequent sites with overlapping forms include Iegelpoel and Helden, Netherlands. Artifacts range in size from about 0.5-4 cm; 95% are less than 2 cm. A full report on the Boukoulian is given in Van Es, J. and Franssen, C.J.H. (1989). Een vroege microkern-traditie van de Peelhorst het Boukoulien. Archaeologische Berichten 19:6-25;93-133. Elst, NL. Images in this gallery highlight the site profile, tools and techniques including workbenches and egg-in-cup, and characteristic palaeoart subjects of the Boukoulian: female figurines; zoomorphs; and heads/profiles/masks."

Archaeologist Jan van Es of Roermond identified the Boukoulian industry at the type site of Boukoul indicated by the pin point on the map

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