05 October 2014

A portable petroglyph human line figure, an incised zoomorphic stone and a mammoth figure on a pebble from Virginia

A portable petroglyph human figure identified by Adam Arkfeld, 4cm tall

Petroglyph from Moonflower Canyon, near Moab, Utah

The whole side of the Virginia stone which includes the human line figure, 9cm. Adam Arkfeld interprets a possible horse neck and head figure in the overall outline of the stone, looking left.

An alternate non-figurative interpretation here could be as "branching lines," a known rock art form.

Incised zoomorphic stone identified by Adam Arkfeld, 8cm

It seems possible the right end of the stone was given a slope representative of a proboscidean trunk. 

Profile view of mammoth figure on pebble facing right identified by Adam Arkfeld at Clear Brook, Virginia, site #44FK732. 5cm. The context of dozens of other mammoth-like figures at this location and the identification of an ivory carving of a horse brings an object like this into consideration as an art piece.

Illustration of line defining body and head/trunk of mammoth, with a divot for an eye

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