04 October 2014

Iconic tools including a foot-long stone bird-form dagger from the Arkfeld site

Human facial profile facing left along with view of side 2 flake scars in photo at right, 21.5cm
Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia, site #44FK731

A foot long dagger with a worked tip, 30cm

The dagger resembles a bird in flight as if the holder has grabbed the bird by the tail

The tip of the dagger

Side view with scale in inches

A stone "hand gun" knife, 11.5cm

Possible simple human facial profile identified by Adam Arkfeld incorporated into the handle of the knife, looking left in this photo

Side 2 with possible human facial profile looking right

This box cutter like knife has the "One eye missing" face mask motif incorporated into the handle. Archaeology will eventually have to explain how Lower and Middle Paleolithic art motifs like this occur in North America. 12.5cm

A Levallois-like tool identified by Adam Arkfeld as having a basal thinning flake removed, evidenced by the black triangle seen in photo at right. 4.5cm.

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