19 June 2014

Two new mammoth figures from The Old Route 66 Zoo in Missouri include an analog to a mammoth figure from the Arkfeld site in Virginia

"Front-on view of mammoth head, with curled trunk"  Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber find, The Old Route 66 Zoo, site #23JP1222, Missouri inventory number OR66Z. Many iconic objects from this site have been featured on this blog, including a number of mammoth sculptures.

Stone interpreted as a mammoth head figure by Stacy Dodd

(Left) Interpreted by Stacy Dodd as a mammoth head in left profile view. There appears to be a depiction of the fingers at the tip of the mammoth's trunk. (Right)  From Arkfeld site in Clear Brook, Virginia, a similar left profile view mammoth head figure stone seen recently on this blog.

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