Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

11 June 2014

A balance-engineered human and animal combination figure stone may depict the animal taking a drink of water, from the Spout Run site

Chris White find, Spout Run archaeological site, Bluemont, Virginia, was recognized for its zoomorphic properties

Ken Johnston interpretation of human head left profile figuration, split with an animal head right profile. The split of the two creatures illustrated here is also a balance point for the stone. Only very slightly nudging the human's nose upward will cause the figure to tip and the animal's mouth to rest on the surface, as if taking a drink. Lightly touching the nose from the top causes the animal to lift its head back up. To experiment with the delicateness of the balance which has been engineered into this figure, I blew a strong puff of air onto the animal's head and it caused it to move into the "drinking position." 

Spout Run flows through Chris and Rene White's property, Bluemont, Virginia

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