Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

13 June 2014

Animal head sculpture rotated 90 degrees right rocks back and forth on its curved base and may represent a second animal

Sculpture from the Old Route 66 Zoo, site #23JP1222, near Joplin, Missouri. Find by Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber.

Ken Johnston interpretation of feline head sculptural representation, eye and mouth

Saber tooth tiger reconstruction has a distinct chin like the Missouri sculpture

Stacy Dodd interpretation of another animal image facing left, "bear-like," when the animal head is rotated 90 degrees right and stood up on its neck which ends with a curved base, like a rocking horse rail. Photo at right is under flash lighting for an alternative perspective on the stone.

Stacy Dodd interpretation of a built-in spot for placement of a finger to manipulate the stone so it rocks back and forth on its base. The finger hold is also the scruff of the feline's neck, the place a mother cat uses to grab and transport her kittens.

Stacy Dodd short video demonstrating how the sculpture rocks back and forth with ease when using the engineered finger spot.

Dodd's excellent interpretation brings this central North American artifact to comparison to rocking sculptures identified and recorded by Denis Argaut of France already seen on this blog. Dodd's demonstration comes very close to producing the galloping horse sound which Argaut has demonstrated on eight stone sculptures from France.


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