Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

31 July 2013

Quartz woman's head in left profile along with bird with crystal wings

Quartz woman's head (with hair or hat) looking left

Irrigon, Oregon, Columbia River valley, manuported (exotic) stone imported to sites in his locale by prehistoric humans and collected by Dennis Boggs. Figurative interpretation by Ken Johnston. The human face depicted has mid-facial nose prominence and a recessive chin.

Archaeologist and figurative rock art researcher Jan van Es of The Netherlands, whom I regard as an expert in worked quartz artifacts of this type, examined these photos and commented "Remarkable sculpture!" Van Es identified the Boukoulean micro lithic type site at Boukoul, The Netherlands. This figure is made in style also seen in Northern Europe.

Mark up of approximate eye, nose and mouth features on the anthropomorphic face

Wings spread on little bird's back in quartz crystals

The bird figure with outline of its tail, back and top of head

Two of the surfaces on the stone are ground relatively flat and come together at about a 45 degree angle. That angle is worn right at a spot where the index finger supports it for viewing like a stone portrait as in the very top photo. The stone exhibits significant handling in this regard. (Dennis Boggs find, Irrigon, Oregon.)


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