12 July 2013

Formes d' ombres: independent investigator Denis Argaut illuminates the forgotten portable rock art of France

"These forms of shadows are born of an experimental and personal research on the stone, motivated by a single desire: They reveal in the shadows the smart creative layout...

These forms that you will see are the result of a methodical and painstaking investigation, who is over fifteen years driven by the unshakable conviction that makes me say that the man of the Stone Age have mastered the material not only in size but also in its balance, its rotation, its sounds, its contours and shadows ...' 

-Denis Argaut, formes d' ombres


1 comment:

  1. I have been vindicated! So many of the pieces I have found here in Colorado (some this week), I believe, change and morph depending upon the viewer's visual angle and lighting (or shadowing). The amazing ability of these ancients leaves me constantly asking "How'd they do that".