Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

25 April 2011

Peter Cottontail has left the building... Peter Cottontail has left the building.

Peter Cottontail has left the building
click photo to expand size

Found at the same site as the Peter Cottontail posting prior to this one, I did not think this was an intended artifact initially.  After examination under lighted 10x magnification, I detected several stroke marks or incisions in a series of lines going up the neck to the bottom of the head in the above photo.  On the opposite side of the artifact, facial details were detected which are worked in the flint and seen in the photo below.

I also detected a break spot where it looks like a "front leg" was attached to this item at one time.  The shadow of the break may be seen square #3 from right on the bottom row of the CM grid.  It also has two different rabbit views depicted, one on each side.  These three factors, along with the resemblance to a hopping rabbit at a site which has produced another rabbit icon, weigh as factors in assessing artifactuality here.

Peter Cottontail has left the building
(face toward viewer, Flopsy-like ear)
click photo to expand size
artifact on a CM grid for scale and perspective

Looks like rabbit's right ear is "floppy" from this perspective. In this view, the rabbit has turned its head to face the viewer.  Click photo to expand size to view the cartoon-like face of the rabbit, including eyes, nose, whiskers and an apparent smile- a look foretelling of the Trix cereal advertisement character rabbit. The front leg has broken off.  The rabbit has a pointed back to invoke a sense of swift, springing, movement.  Paleolithic representations of animals and people often have what we would call a cartoonish look.  It has been a part of the human aesthetic long before the Sunday newspaper comic section.

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