11 April 2011

Hans Grams of Germany finds sculpture interpreted as "ape" and "bear" heads

From Wegberg, German Rhineland
Found by Hans Grams, late February 2011
Interpreted by Grams as "ape head" in first three photos.

Hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas)

The face is depicted as having a missing left eye (and nostril) here.
Please see James Harrod's "Four Memes..." link on the right side panel for more on this theme, called "the mask of the opacity of suffering" by him.  I see similarity between this German piece and the American artifact posted on March 7 seen here:

American sculpture which resembles the German sculpture in the position and view shown in the photo before this American one.  The left eye is missing or distorted, perhaps to depict an injury to the face.

Another bear view
From Wegberg, German Rhineland
Hans Grams, found late February 2011

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