11 April 2011

Perhaps an example of James Harrod's "mask of the opacity of suffering" from Hans Grams

From the Hans Grams collection, Germany
Artifact from Wegberg, German Rhineland

UPDATE From Mr. Grams:

"James B. Harrod von 20.04.2011: http://www.originsnet.org/ schrieb in einer Mail vom

'One day I had the opportunity to hand the 'one eye' sculpture, that Ursel Benekendorff sent me, to the late Roy Scheider, a skilled actor in TV, movies and Shakespearean stage. I said nothing other than: "what do you feel this stone is saying". He said (paraphrase) that it felt like the tragic vision of King Lear, one eye open is witness to all human doings and human suffering, one eye is closed in pain and and anguish over the human condition; also one eye looks inward, one outward. Also as the head is like that of a child, it also speaks of maintaining spiritual innocence facing the human predicament. I am reminded of the proverb of Jesus: 'Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves.'"

also from Mr. Grams:

"Finding W957S; category: 1; name: barrack;

find date:01.23.2009

found attired: Germany 41844 Wegberg-Klinkum in secondary location.

Weight 972 grams; dimensions [cm] 13x10x5.

"The stone bears the sculpture of a human head."

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