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14 June 2016

'Animated' tool identified among other tools and human face likenesses at Virginia's Arkfeld Site

Heavy duty pointed tool from Arkfeld Site, #44FK731
Clear Brook, Virginia

Adam Arkfeld noticed a simple human face likeness on the back of the tool.

The face is set within a rhomboid shaped 'head.' 'Human face on rhomboid' is a portable rock motif seen from Arkfeld Site and other sites as featured on this blog including the Spout Run Site several miles from Arkfeld. The face details are composed of ground features of eyes, nose and a mouth.

The tip of this Arkfeld Site tool may have been broken during use

Arkfeld Site burins

Eyes, nose, mouth and chin with an incised cleft

Human face profile looking right with possible bird head form looking left

Human head and neck right facial profile figure

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