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01 June 2016

A human head left profile sculpture in colorful flint from Missouri has back-end shaping similar to an Ohio example and suggests a common attachment scheme

'Human head left profile flint sculpture'

Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber find, The Old Route 66 Zoo, site #23JP1222 near Joplin, Missouri, at Jasper County. One of hundreds of iconic finds from this 5 acre locus along the Old Route 66.

This piece may also be expressing the motif of "mammoth cresting human forehead." Other examples may be seen where the mammoth's 'trunk' develops into the human's 'nose' as may be the case here.

This is an exceptionally beautiful piece of stone. It has been carefully sculpted into a human likeness. Note the recessive chin and prominent nose of the representation.

Here, the Missouri example of "mammoth head cresting human forehead" back-end shaping is compared to a Licking County, Ohio, example of a sculpture in the same motif featured earlier on this blog. The straight lines and angle of their meeting at the back ends suggests they may have been commonly affixed to something, like wooden staffs or posts.

The Missouri flint material seen here is so very similar to the colorful Flint Ridge, Ohio, (Vanport formation) stone which is close to my home and subject of many postings on this blog.

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