Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

10 August 2015

Finds from The Netherlands by archaeologist Jan van Es of Roermond

Lower Paleolithic find from Beegden, The Netherlands, by archaeologist Jan van Es of Roermond.

The rabbit figure is a symbol of summer and reproduction notes van Es. "This one has lips like Marilyn Monroe." - Jan van Es

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Ball and triangle shaped eyes of the rabbit also seen in other forms which may have human shaping

Side 1 and 2

Rock art researcher Hans Grams of Germany has pointed out the possible relationship of the angles of this triangle to the angle of the sun at the summer solstice at the 51 degrees North latitude find location of this stone. (Email communication from Mr. Grams.)

Homo erectus portrait

Collection of Jan van Es, Roermond, The Netherlands

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