20 August 2015

An Arkfeld Site mammoth, feline, canine, owl and human combination sculpture

Sculpture 'Mammoth, right profile'
Adam Arkfeld find, The Arkfeld Site, Clear Brook, Virginia

Side 2 is a suspected feline head right profile and perhaps another animal head (undetermined, possible canine ) in left 3/4 profile.
Can you find the 'owl'?

Interpreted location of the feline's eye

Possible second animal head representation in left 3/4 profile. The feline's ears are also the ears of this second animal head.

Ken Johnston illustrated interpretation of an owl image mixed in with the others.

The 'ears' of the feline and the canine are also the 'ears' of the owl. It may be interpreted that the owl is sharing one ear from each of the other two animals. I highlighted the interpreted owl face features which are found on the sculpture and the contour and color of the stone should reveal the owl's 'body' in left profile. The owl's eyes are still quite distinct after more than 10,000 years.

A cutout of the owl figure

On side 2 within the interpreted feline head is a human head right profile with interpreted eye, nostril and mouth features.

The motifs seen in this sculpture are consistent with other finds by made by Adam Arkfeld at his remarkable site. A polymorphic sculpture like this could have been a very important part of the religious or spiritual lives of some of the Arkfeld Site people.

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