03 February 2015

Mammoth and human sculptures from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Jeff Vincent find, Mammoth Spring Arkansas

Found in a strong archaeological art context developed by Jeff Vincent and seen in several postings on this blog. Interpreted by Jeff as a mammoth sculpture with human images. Jeff's interpretation places this sculpture in direct comparison to the mammoth sculpture from a Neanderthal context in Europe seen in the posting just prior to this one (02/02/2015). 

Close up of human head in right profile found on the right edge of the mammoth sculpture and depicted at the posterior of the mammoth. This motif is seen in many examples featured on this blog.

An Arkfeld site, Virginia, mammoth head portable rock art figure compared to the mammoth head from Arkansas. Note the possibility of a crude human face with open mouth on the Arkansas example.

Another mammoth figure (3.5 cm) from the site also includes human faces according to Jeff Vincent

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