23 January 2015

"The Bird Mask of Oléron"

 Henri Valentie find in an art and tool context, Île d'Oléron, France

This mask fits a human face and indicates it may have been functional as well as a visually significant item for its Lower Paleolithic audience. It is likely also presenting bird imagery where the bird is perched at the top of the forehead of the mask's face facing left in this view.
"I present this mask found on the island of Oléron. Eyes have been worked by man. I found this mask on a lower paleo site on the same site as my previous findings. -Henri"

 "The Bird Mask of Oléron," reverse side, Henri Valentie collection.

Please note the "X" marking in the anatomically correct position for a mouth on the face. This helps confirm the stone is an artifact of the past.

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