21 January 2015

Human head figure from China has zero provenance but is recognized as artificial by portable rock art investigator Jan van Es

"China human head figure," Thath Chanuhacha collection, Bangkok, Thailand

This human head figure comes with no provenance other than it was found in China. It was acquired by collector Thath Chanuhacha who is a friend of Archaeology of Portable Rock Art. I detected what appears to be human modification on several areas on the stone, especially the eye details. I sent a copy of the photo to portable rock art investigator Jan van Es of Roermond, Netherlands, who replied as follows:
"This artefact is older than Acheulean cultures,  I think that homo erectus 1 million-1,5 million is the maker. I have from Beegden and Boukoul the same images, its comes from the oldest phase, Very interesting piece Ken!!!"  Jan van Es, January 21, 2015
Palaeoart at Two Million Years Ago? A Review of the Evidence, James B. Harrod

“Zinj” - Paranthropus boisei

“Zinj” is the name given to a 1.8 million-year-old skull of the Paranthropus boisei species found in 1959 in the Olduvai Gorge of Tanzania.  Named after the original classification of the species, Zinjanthropus boisei, Zinj was the first one to be found belonging to this group of hominids.  Paranthropus boisei lived in Eastern Africa from about 2.3 to 1.2 million years ago. They had a brain volume of about 500 to 550cc and they would have eaten seeds, plants and roots which were dug up using sticks of bones. Due to the strong jaw that would have also been used for cracking nuts, Zinj is also known as the ‘Nutcracker Man’. - See more

The slight bifurcation of the sculpture's head at the center top of the skull may be a reflection of an early hominid head form as seen in the similar indent in the top of this Paranthropus boisei reconstruction.

Ken Johnston interpretation of a one-eyed winged bird and human face imagery combined from the two sides of the figure's skull. The bird is "zooanthropomorphic" with both a beak and a human-like mouth.

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