02 June 2013

Theme of animals looking behind to birth from vulva, fertility interpretations by Dutch archaeologist Jan van Es

Dutch archaeologist Jan van Es markup of a face mask on a Licking County, Ohio, mammoth sculpture depicting the animal looking backward toward its vulva (click photos to expand and compare)

van Es writes, "Very interesting sculptures are the animal looking back or behind. They are looking to the open vulva for birth. Also the hunter or shaman from Lascaux. Rebirth with a bird item, bird head or mouth and a bird staff. Also the man has a erection.  Your mammoth sculpture has this item looking back to the vulva. Female animal of course:)

Recently I have from the Beegden, Netherlands, site this quartz sculpture, also an animal looking back." (click photos to expand and compare)

The Beegdan, Netherlands, quartz sculpture in turned position depicts a bird and egg, also symbol of fertility. I have more sculptures in this theme. It's a typological item in the old paleo."

Bird, eggs and a sparkling feature in a stone nest


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  1. The bird on the stick in Frances look a lot like the birds on stick figures in the south west of America.