30 June 2013

Bird and bird's nest "skull-egg sculptures" from The Netherlands Middle Acheulean and from Flint Ridge, Ohio

"Detail little bird," Beegden site, The Netherlands, quartz stone sculpture, Middle Acheulean, identification and photos by Jan van Es

van Es interprets skull-egg icons with the bird figure

Pam Douglass find, Jacksontown, Ohio, interpreted by Ken Johnston as a depiction of an egg in bird's nest. The egg is also a micro-carving of a skull, demonstrating this iconography appears in the new world as well as in the European Acheulean.

The egg-skull looking right, seen on a cm grid for scale.

Close up of the egg-skull micro carving from Pam Douglass' find just south of Flint Ridge, Ohio, which was featured in an earlier posting on this blog.


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