06 April 2013

More Luigi Chiapparoli finds from the high Trebbia River valley, Piacenza, Italy

Photos Copyright Luigi Chiapparoli used with permission

The Chiapparoli artifact above has a similar appearance to a one-eye open feline/human like head from California posted in February.

Chiapparoli sees a similarity between his figurine (top) and the head of the The 'Lion Human' – a 32,000-year-old lion-headed human, carved from a mammoth tusk, from Hohlenstein-Stadel in Germany.

At left, a one-eyed lion in ceramic from Dolni Věstonice, Czech Republic, dated to 26,000 years before present, compared to the figure stone identified by Mr. Chiapparoli, Piacenza, Italy

One eye open, one eye shut or missing face mask motif from the Trebbia River valley

An article about Chiapparoli's book

Identification of a large (2.5m x 2.5m) rock art human head (left) with the "one eye open, one eye shut or missing" motif has been made by Chiapparoli. Here, he compares it to a menhir labeled as Neolithic from France.

 Montarsolo, Piacenza, Italy, Photo by Luigi Chiapparoli


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