Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

14 October 2012

Another sleeping duck figure stone from Maine archaeological sites

Sleeping duck figure stone, Bob Doyle find and photo

Bob typically recovers artifacts from deteriorating undocumented archaeology sites in coastal Maine.

"hi ken and all...
here is another...made from quartz. a beautiful carving, delicately created. it is under 25 mm across.
i have recovered several more of these ducks. one that is almost life sized.
all the best...bob"

Thanks Bob!

Nadia Clark of Prescott, Arizona, has also identified a sleeping duck figure stone from an art and tool context and has posted the image to her blog here.



  1. An interesting note about these duck stones is that they can be found around the early man site in the calico hills along the shoreline of a lake that hasn't had water for around 20,000 years. Luis Leakey believed them to be between 50 to 150 thousand years old. I also came across ape stones, and tools similar to acheulian hand axes while I was there. The duck stone as a tool can be used as a spokeshave, complete with ergonomic grip.