15 July 2017

A grinning 3/4 left facial profile in shallow flint re-touch work on the edge of a U.K. Lower Paleolithic Clactonian scraper

'3/4 left profile of human head with smile'
Lower Palaeolithic -  UK scraper. c.350,000+ BP.

A Clactonian /Acheulean discoidal pebble scraper. Produced on a cortex backed section of a large river pebble. Two sections on the dorsal face have been flaked towards a distal point. Ventral face with a clear bulb of percussion and one third of the circumference displays some wonderful, shallow flaking. Silver and orange ancient patina on exposed flint. Size 7cm x 7cm. Acquired by Ken Johnston from an old collection.

 Facial profile with arrow illustrating the figure's 'line of vision'

Significant cortex or weathered rind remains on the cobble on the other side

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  1. Nice piece - I find pebbles like these in Nevada all the time.