02 December 2016

Portable petroglyph of the joined half-bodies of a feline and mammoth on a mammoth-shaped stone from France

Lion and mammoth portable petroglyph
Henri Valentie find, near Limoges, central France

This piece was found near a semicircle megalith near the town of LIMOGES, center of France. View of one side observes a half-body of a feline on the left and seen on the right an elephant half-body. On the next picture on the other side of the piece is an elephant. Dim: 24cm / 12cm



Illustration of the two joined half-bodies of feline and mammoth or elephant interpreted by Henri Valentie. A layer of stone which contrasts with the stone below it has been selectively removed to create the bas relief outline of the two joined animals facing away from each other.

The approximate 'eye' locations of the two animals are circled. The lion seems to have subtle ear detail. The top of the 'blue Y' in the illustration represents an area of stone removal to visually split, define, demarque or bifurcate the two animals and also to join them.

Other side of stone is in a mammoth shape

Ken Johnston interpretation of possible trace remnants of a human face

This is a remarkable find and interpretation by Mr. Valentie.

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