Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

22 March 2016

Four left facial profiles from The Arkfeld Site, #44FK731

Adam Arkfeld find at Clear Brook, Virginia

Close up of the face

A second left face profile identified by Adam Arkfeld

A third human face in left 3/4 profile from the same site

The overall shape of this 4th rock has anthropomorphic qualities. It may be interpreted as a human head left profile.

Illustration of mammoth form with eye circled

I interpret a mammoth form in this sculpture which follows a motif already identified on this blog: "Mammoth with forehead cresting human forehead and with the tip of the mammoth's trunk also as the human nose." The two "trunk fingers" known to be a part of mammoth anatomy are depicted. A good number of mammoth sculptures have been recovered from The Arkfeld Site.

Within the large head is a smaller face in left 3/4 profile with eyes and nostrils. These features should be subject to petrological examination to determine if they were manufactured by artificial means.

The smaller face isolated

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