12 October 2015

U.K. Neanderthal flint core-tool likely also a sculpted bird figure

 From an old U.K. collection. Size 11cm x 4cm

"An elongated Levallois core. Numerous alternating Levallois removals along length of core, creating a single continuous edge. Some signs of use along one lateral edge, so may have been used as a scraper at the end of its use as a core."

Photo by Finlayson Nature Photography. "Alpine Choughs feature regularly in Neanderthal sites, where they are the most frequent corvid."

The bird likeness here would not have been lost on our Neanderthal cousins and was likely a fully intended outcome of the stone work. 

Opposite side is not worked but also has a bird shape with beak protrusion

Two Ohio flint bird form tools featured earlier on this blog

I have identified a number of flint bird forms, some used as tools, at Flint Ridge in east central Ohio. Is it possible there is a relationship between the 'Old 'World' and 'New World' flint working traditions?

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  1. I have birds that are almost identical to this!!!