24 April 2015

A standing two-sided head sculpture, a bear figure and some stone tools from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

 Flaked profile of human head looking left, two eye divots made in the stone, Jeff Vincent find, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. Sculpture stands upright on a flat base in these orientations.

On side 2, a profile of a human or animal head with wide open mouth looking right, similar to the PAC-MAN form

Bear figure

(toy? educational? spiritual? naturalistic?)

I see this as a possible spiritual item where a human skull is depicted looking left on the posterior of the bear. This is faintly visible on this figure. Birds, mammoth, bison and bear in portable rock art sometimes have humans and human skulls incorporated into their bodies and facing opposite, Janus-like. This may imply a possible culturally significant singularity among human and animal domains in the Stone Age past.

Illustrated outline and then outline with eyes and mouth of interpreted human skull image on the bear's posterior (click photos to expand)

Awl like tools in the vicinity of the iconic pieces

A possible bird head or bird head tool, Jeff Vincent finds, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

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