19 March 2015

Arkfeld site carved limestone bar is demarked by joined lines and includes bird and feline imagery

Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia, site #44FK732 (click to expand)

This limestone bar was shaped by squaring off and trimming its edges. It evidences 3 or 4 incised lines which are joined to demark the very top part of the stone in this orientation. Adam discovered the carved image of a bird and I discovered a feline head depiction under the bird- as if the bird was sitting on a "lion head egg."  "Lion present at birth" is an art motif described earlier on this blog.

Illustration of the demarcation line segments (blue), a bird figure (yellow) and a feline face (orange).

Closer view of the bird sitting on the feline head (egg)

Human shaped objects identified by Adam Arkfeld at the site

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