12 November 2014

Report from Fayette, Mississippi, of another worked PAC-MAN like zooanthropomorphic head figure from apparently Pleistocene soils (including mastodon remains)

Dylan Fazzio of New Orleans, Louisiana, find from Fayette, Mississippi on November 8th, 2014. Measurements: 3" length, 3/4" width, 2 1/4" height. Photos courtesy of Dylan Fazzio.

Ken Johnston illustration of worked part of the stone.

This is the fifth report of this kind of figure from North American observers including one just featured last week. I have speculated in the past that these figures could be symbolic of simple hand shadow puppets where the top of the head as pictured here are the fingers and the bottom of the head, or jaw here, is the thumb, of a hand as if in a mitten.

The figure stands upright on a flat base in this position

Another conspicuous visually interesting stone with an eye-like fossil inclusion Mr. Fazzio found at Fayette, Mississippi

Jan van Es interpretation of a face and animal polymorphic figure stone exploiting a fossil inclusion, Lower Paleolithic, The Netherlands.

Mississippi stone compared to Netherlands stone

Dylan Fazzio of New Orleans writes: "The area I was walking is the bottom of a creek bed. Certain times of the year it floods out other times it's dry. New things are always being unearthed. The creek walls are about 20 ft high and the stones were only 5 to 10ft apart. My friend who lives up there found a mastodon tooth in the same area when he was around 10 years old in 1990. He made the front page of the local paper. He has a collection of fossils, Indian artifacts, pottery and petrified wood. 
His mother told me that when Jim found that tooth the old man was around 80 at the time said when he was a young man he found the skull and skeleton to the mastodon but never gave it much thought. He said years later he went back but never found anything. I will be back up in Mississippi this weekend hunting and I plan to do some more looking around. This is all new to me but very exciting I hope to find more and share them with you." 

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