24 July 2014

Sahuarita, Arizona, stone human head sculpture incorporates visage of a "one-eyed feline," a recurring motif in portable rock art

Sahuarita, Arizona, find by James, identified as a human head sculpture

James writes, "I have been hunting arrowheads and various artifacts for about 8 years and one day out I found a carving and couldn't wait to get home and share what I found. I posted pics on the site I joined and then every one said I was crazy, it was just a rock. But the art/tool was really as plain as the nose on your face, so I started looking for research and here I am still wanting to share. I have found more arrowheads just by following the art that is laying on the ground. I need a community that knows what is really going on. Not just another sharp rock site- there is a lot more going on than people realize. And I would like to share these images from Sahuarita, AZ . Thanks, love the site. James"

Ken Johnston detected the visage of a one-eyed feline incorporated into the backside of the human head sculpture identified by James. This helps "seal the deal" on the authenticity of this art piece. The human head form and the one-eyed feline form are consistent with other portable rock art representations as seen on this blog.

The missing eye is represented by a gash, where the seeing eye has more stone detail.

"Most people who care much about art find that of the work that moves them most the greater part is what scholars call "Primitive" ...In primitive art you will find no accurate representation; you will find only significant form. Yet no other art moves us so profoundly." -Clive Bell, 1914; quoted after Cahn and Meskin 2007: 266.

Sculpture from Italy on the cover of Pietro Gaietto's book compared to Arizona example

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