06 March 2014

Bird-human and horse head optical illusion sculpture from Ohio has comparable composition to Colorado example, despite being made of very different stone material

Artifact find from Alan Day's registered archaeological site 33GU218, Guernsey County, Ohio. The sculpture stands upright in this position on a flat base.

The Ohio sculpture is made on a sandstone panel while the Colorado example in the prior posting was made on jasper. Even though they appear to be unrelated objects based on their outward appearance, they are related compositions, demonstrating what may be considered a North American artistic convention where the back of bird (wing) is composed of a horse head facing opposite the bird.

Jan van Es markup illustration on the photo shows a horse head looking to the left, with the bird-human looking to the right. This smaller horse head may be seen as one of two horse heads, where the larger head extends to the left edge of the stone and includes the image of the smaller one.

Artifact from Kostenki I site, Don River valley Russia, ca. 40,000 years before present
Source: Arctic Anthropology, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1970), pp. 129-136

Close up of the Guernsey County, Ohio, bird's human-like head looking right to compare to artifact from Europe pictured and illustrated above.

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