03 February 2014

Selected point of impact and application of exacting force makes "birdseye" of Hertzian cone flake scar

Rock with a suggestive avian form was immediately animated as a "bird" by addition of an eye in one selective and masterful blow by a Stone Age artist to a lithic material he must have known well. A conchoidal fracture bulb of force flake scar (in this case a perfect Hertzian cone) serves as the bird's eye. Artifact find and interpretation as a bird figure in a portable rock art context by David Boies, Austin, Texas

Close up of the human-manufactured eye which, although simple, disambiguates the bird-form rock enough to be recognized as an intended bird figure in a context of other portable rock art finds, Austin, Texas.

1 comment:

  1. if its a whole bird it's an eye but it also can be looked at like a crested cardinal head which then its becomes a nostril.a kinda of micro macro thing.