15 August 2013

Bird sculptures made from prepared cores

Bird figure in flint, Muskingum County, Ohio

Side 2 of the bird figure

The bird has a patch of quartz crystals on its head, like a sparkling crest, the only crystals on the piece. There is also an "eye" on the bird, increasing the chances of human intent to create the figure.

Patch of crystals catches the light

The bird perched in my hand

Two bird figures found 5 miles from each other, along Flint Ridge in east central Ohio demonstrate similar morphology. This indicates the creation of figures may have been widely practiced at Flint Ridge in prehistory. The bird figure at right was featured in an earlier post.

The two bird figures are very close in size. They are sculpted in core preparation and then separated leaving a 3D type bird and a "flat" bird on the side detached from the core.


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