Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

11 January 2013

"Two Faces Have I" - shared elements may be symbolic of connectedness

American Charles Hannan, living in Belgium, found this suspected manuport in his backyard in the sandy Kempen area in a late mesolithic/early neolithic tool context affirmed by Dutch archaeologist L. Jimmy Groen.

I think it is possible at least the mouth was worked because I have seen others similar to this one.

The middle of the pebble indents could be interpreted as a nose on a face, or as a shared eye of two faces without a nose as illustrated above. Shared facial elements are a known aspect of iconography in portable rock art identified by archaeologists in America and Europe.

Quasi-anthropomorphic faces share elements on this modified cobble 
Jan van Es find, The Netherlands

Jan van Es writes (personal communication) "The double function of the eye sculptures is what I regularly see (shared eye, shared mouth). It could have the meaning of 2 persons belonging to each other like mother and child, man and woman and sometimes human and animal. It is already present in the Heidelbergian culture."


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