01 November 2012

Flint effigy discovered

Flint effigy discovered
Human head looking left, find by Ken Johnston, Licking County, Ohio

This artifact was found relatively close to a bird figure/tool with a similar knife incorporated into the crest of the bird's head (see prior posting, Oct. 25), much like the one incorporated into the human forehead here. This supports the idea that this is an intended human head icon with a tool element on the peak of its head.

Knife and scraper tool elements are labeled here. The artifact is designed to fit the hand comfortably while the knife and scraper surfaces are being used. The rounding of the side of the face here is the bulb of force from the creation of the flake.
Side 2 with scale

Side 2

Flint head effigy looking left. Under the nose, the chin and the throat area of the person is seen in the whiter crystal material.  


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