Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

02 November 2011

Sleeping Ducks

"Sleeping duck" find by Dennis Boggs, Irrigon, Oregon, Columbia River

Dennis Boggs Oregon sleeping duck sitting on a (cm) grid for scale

On the rear of duck, there is a highly worked divot which accepts a finger tip to allow one to hold the duck image in a forward-presenting, upright position like a little puppet.  Could objects like this have been toys?

Mike Ekkes find, West Virginia, photo courtesy Day's Knob web site.

Neolithic (Mesopotamian) sleeping duck motif on a weight measure stone



  1. I have been finding the "sleeping duck" motife in my area of NJ. Far beyond what I've seen here, as I believe it's evidence of a nature based religion or belief system. Fossils seem to be greatly connected. What surprised me is the last photo of the Neolithic sleeping duck. There is an artifact that is nearly identical to it in a neighbor's flower bed. Differences are, there is an attempt to show wing structures and a large shallow "bowl" like area that seems to have been used for offerings. It was dug up in their backyard. I have since found several smaller versions of it.

  2. I found a small rock near our back yard hose yesterday--looks like a small sleeping duck. I'm surprised to learn that others are as "crazy" as I am finding rocks that look like objects/animals, etc.