Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

09 September 2011

Victoria, Minnesota, landowner discovers Paleolithic cultural site including four bird art sculptures

Four bird sculptures, three of them found and pictured with associated pedestal bases.  This wonderful North American bird art assemblage is from a Victoria, Minnesota, site with a Paleolithic component.

Archaeologist Kent Bakken examines a Paleolithic artifact in his magnifying loupe. The link below will show some of the tools found in the context of the bird sculptures which led Kent Bakken to conclude there is a Paleolithic element at this archaeological site.


The largest sculpture pictured stands apart from the other three. It seems more abstract, stylized and ideal-based than the others, which seem to have more naturalistic forms. The four birds provide a great example of how different some of the pieces can look from each other- all representing bird imagery but in very different ways.

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