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07 August 2011

Alexis Bousiges of France interprets human face and mammoth icons carved on suspected fossilized mammoth tooth from near Calico Early Man Site, Barstow, California

Interpreted as a fossilized (baby mammoth) tooth with a carving of a human facial profile and a mammoth figure by Alexis Bousiges of France.  The width is roughly 6cm.
A possible mammoth figure is seen in the top photo in this portrait view, where the trunk is a rounded off vertical rectangle with diagonal lines on the right side of the piece with one eye divot inside the trunk line and another eye divot to the right, outside the trunk line.  The human face may be taken as emerging from the belly of the mammoth or as proboscidean foot imagery.
The suspected artifact is from the Mojave desert near Barstow, California.  The find location is near the former, Pleistocene, Lake Manix and relatively near the Calico Early Man site. 

Here is a video presentation of this piece from Alexis Bousiges

Here is a link to Alexis' blog with this and additional pieces from the Barstow, California, locale.

Calico Early Man Site lithics and a great book on peopling of the Americas issues in recent archaeological history:

Fossils from Pleistocene Lake Manix

Interpretation by Alexis Bousiges.  Thanks to Alexis for letting me share her photos and video on

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