Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

23 July 2011

Several possible portable rock art pieces from western Montana reported along with concentrated icons from a Portland, Oregon, garden

A possible worked human face "mask" from western Montana.  Finder Nona A. writes "I found it in Sanders County, Montana. Above the town of Thompson Falls. I also found some other suspected art pieces from the same general area."

Another view of the mask.  A possible head with face comprises the bas-relief right eye.  The left eye is depicted as "missing."
This piece has a similarity to the duck head identified from a West Virginia stream two postings ago.

A worked face icon which resembles the artifact from the prior posting "Rick Prince finds a siltstone pebble..."  The artifact here seems to be a depiction of the "one eye open, one eye closed" motif seen throughout Middle-Paleolithic portable rock art.

Nona has created a web site with more pictures of the suspected art she has identified coming from the  concentrated area of her garden.

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