14 February 2011

A Neanderthal-looking translucent human head profile "lithophane"

Possible Homo sapiens neanderthalensis flint figure from The Netherlands

L. J. Groen, an archaeologist with interest in paleobotany and lithics of The Netherlands and Belgium, made his artifact collection available to me for internet survey so I could learn more about stone working technologies and techniques in Europe.  While looking at part of his collection (just a few of 30,000 artifacts) I came upon a suspected flint tool which seemed to have several correlations to the prominent features of a human facial profile and rotated the picture to optimal viewing orientation.  

The likely intent of the iconography becomes more obvious when interpretative lines are added to the photo to demonstrate all the ‘correct’ edges and angles created to make the face.  

The material is translucent toward the left side where all the facial detail is. I consider this piece a "Lithophane" or a glass art piece passing light. There is a cluster of crystals on the forehead just above the brow line.
"And when I see what you made of my (artifact) ... it is remarkable. With your additional lines it really looks like a Neanderthal! And, made of Eluvium flint it dates from a possible Neanderthal period.... ( 50.000 - 58.000 BP)." -L Jimmy Groen


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  1. I just found a bunch of neolithic flint tools in Hertfordshire that all look like animals, faces and skulls, I'm being told that I am seeing things.....but im not!